Storing my Nail Polishes

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A lot of you would have known last week I was packing my mountains of nail polishes and I must admit I've been dragging my feet and when I do wana use them, I have to rampage through the pile to get the colour that I want. Sometimes, I would even find nail polishes at other designated places. You can say they were appearing "mysteriously" at every part of the house.

So over the months, this shopaholic has stocked up on nail polishes, but always can't find her nail polishes. And enough is enough, she decided to pack them nicely, so that she can focus on her nail art.

I threw everything on the bed and arranged them according to brand and bottle size.
I didn't know I had so many nail polishes until that day.
Let me share this little tip with you guys when packing your nail polishes. Don't just start putting them back in the drawers and when you need them, you keep picking up and putting back the nail polishes, just to find the colour that you want.

I know this is a little crazy, but trust me, you won't regret doing it.

So first, grab your nail polish.
Pick up some nail polish with your cotton bud. * Just a drop will do.
Then, dab a dot of the colour on the top of the nail polish cover.
This is what you get at the end of the day.
And if you have a dark coloured nail polish with black cover or a translucent nail colour, just dab white nail polish before dabbing the nail colour.
Why go through all this trouble?

Coz at the end of the day, not only are your nail polishes arranged nicely, you can find the colour that you want in seconds.
I had too many nail polishes, so I needed a second level as well. And I packed my nail polish set together too.

Can you find the orange nail polish?

So, now you have a nicely packed nail polish drawer, all you got to do is remember where you took the nail polish and ALWAYS put it back where you got it from.

Hope this helps you guys! If you have another way of storing your nail polishes, share it here ya? And if you like my idea, don't forget to tweet and tell your girl friends all about it!

Christina aka Huney


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