[Makeup Tutorial] New products at Etude House

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So, I was in town recently and I bought quite a bit of things. Let me share the joy!

First up, Princess 3D Mask. It comes in 5 "flavours": Honey & Milk (Orange - Egypt's Cleopatra Secret Beauty Tip), Lychee (Red - China's Poppy Secret Beauty Tip), Cherry Blossom (Pink - Japanese Royal Family Secret Beauty Tip), Red Wine (Purple - France's Marie Antoinette Secret Beauty Tip) and Ginseng (Yellow - Korean's Joseon Dynasty Royal Secret Beauty Tip).

Honey & Milk: Use to improve Moisture and Elasticity.
Lychee: For Nutrition and Brio.
Cherry Blossom: For Vitality, to "refresh" your skin.
Red Wine: Contains Keratin and reduces pores.
Ginseng: As the name says, it contains Ginseng.
Credits: gmarket.com.sg

I look crazy right?
After pulling and tugging the mask snuggly onto my face, this is how it looks.
Why 3D is coz there is this line that fits right to the middle of your face, super easy to fit the mask on. and the best part is that there is a mask sheet that goes from the bottom of the chin to the ears. Ladies with double chin listen up! Tuck the 2 sides tighter to the ears if you wana decrease your double chins!

But one thing to note is to do the mask lying down, coz if you were to be doing the mask while using the computer or watching TV, the 2 chin mask sheets tend to come off, thus losing the effect. REMEMBER THIS!

This is the before and after photos after 1 use. You can see in the "After" picture, my face looks smaller and tighter. I bet after more uses, my face will be much slimmer. :P

NEXT UP, is the latest "Aloha" collection. They have lip colours, eyeshadow, eyeliners, blushers, bronzers and nail colours for this range but I only got the eyeshadow and eyeliner. They are very special and I love them lots. Check it out -->

Pretty packaging right?
The creamy eyeshadow.
Small and dainty, easy to apply.
The "Aloha Glittering Sherbet Eyes" is a creamy eyeshadow that brings the sensation from the sand grains twinkle shiny as if the numerous stars are moved to the beach. There are several ways to apply this to the eye area.
  1. Take an appropriate amount and apply on the lids using the applicator and spread by dabbing your fingers lightly all over your eyes. DO NOT RUB! as you will be removing the eyeshadow and not applying.
  2. Use the applicator and dab just a little on your inner corner of eyes to brighten up your eyes. Just a small dot would suffice.
  3. Using as an eyeshadow base. After applying all over your lids, before drying up, apply a powder eyeshadow on top to set the colours and make the colours pop. *I would suggest using back a pink or a white shiny eyeshadow for the best effect.

I chose the shimmering pink one and this is how it looks.
The liquid eyeliner, Aloha Color Art Pen.
Love the tip! Allows me to draw the perfect eyeliner in one stroke!
Check out the purple!
Ok! I know alot of you out there stick to black or brown eyeliners. But I'm a gril who loves colour, let me tell you colour eyeliner not only enhance your eye makeup, but also gives others a fresher feel when they look at you. Imagine, seeing 1001 girls on the street in black and brown eyeliners, when you wear a coloured eyeliner out, wouldn't you get all the attention? LOL!

But one thing to note: DO NOT clash the colours of eyeliner and eyeshadow. Use colours that complement each other. See the pictures below and you will understand what I mean.

This is a look using purely the eyeshadow and eyeliner mentioned.
Love those eyes don't you? Eyelashes from Etude House too.
I had the pink eyeshadow on my eye lids and lined my eyes with the purple eyeliner.
Then I also lined the bottom half lid with the purple eyeliner.  Add on your false lashes and you are  all set to go!
 Ok, so with all these makeup, comes a product that removes eye makeup in seconds! It's called Mascara Remover. Writing can't express how wonderful it is, see my first "speaking" video!

*Please excuse my messy background and notice in the middle I said removed my eyes?! NO! I meant eye makeup... I was so nervous making the video. :P

I hope these reviews are helpful to you guys. Currently, these are my fav products. Do stay tuned for more and post some photos if you got the products after seeing this post k?

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Christina aka Huney


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