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I was recently out in for Sinema Move! http://huneyzworld.blogspot.com/2011/04/animation-week-part-2.html. And this was my makeup for the night.

Dark blue eyeshadow to bring out the colour of my contact lens.

Under the sun.
Drew a little white line on my under eye for a pair of bigger eyes.
Here's how I apply my eyeshadow.
The products that I used.
  1. Burmese Beauty : It’s a burgundy brown with teal green shimmer. 
  2. A dark grey eyeshadow from Loreal's Open Eyes "Open Stellar" palette
  3. M.A.C's Nanogold eyeshadow
  4. Viva Glam 2  Lady Gaga Lipglass

I basically used Burmese Beauty (1) on my eyelids patting it near to the roots of eyelashes and the dark grey eyeshadow (2) to blend on the middle part of lid. Slowly pat the colours on to give the soft gradient effect. Then I used Nanogold (3) under the eyebrows for highlight, so that my eyes look more deep set. Then I finished off with Viva Glam 2 Lady Gaga Lipglass (4) on my lips.

Since my eyes are so heavy, the rest of the face should be left nude, so that focus will only be on the eyes.

Have fun with this look, see ya ~

Christina aka Huney


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