[Makeup Tutorial] Going purple

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Recently I attended the Puma Social Club finale and being a huge PUMA fan I wanted to give them full support. I remember purple conquered most of the campaign colours, so I decided to dress purple and even used purple on my makeup.

I pulled out my wonderful stockings from Topshop (which I bought during CNY and havn't got the chance to wear them) & paired them with my favourite pair of PUMA shoes.

Love the crazy stripes stockings.

Actually, at first, I had a blue and purple eyeshadow look, but I thrashed it as it was looking a little like I got "blue-black" bruised. I think you will understand when you see the picture below.

An uncompleted look.
I used the M.A.C.'s Marine Ultra from Wonder Woman collection and purple glitter for the look above.
The whole colour feel didn't appeal to me, so I had to remove and redo my makeup, so here's the final look:

A light pink and dark purple glitter eyeshadow were the final colours that I chose.

Added false lashes to the outer half of my eyes for that flutter.

Got myself a pair of purple contact lenses on a last minute decision.

Voila! I feel like a big eye doll the whole night.

I used a gold creme glittery eyeshadow from CANMAKE as a base all over my eyelids. Then I carefully dabbed the glitter pink and purple from M.A.C. on. And then I used a gold shimmering eyeshadow (Bold As Gold) from M.A.C.'s eye palette around the brow bone to finish the whole eye makeup.

TIP: When applying glitter always keep the eye closed and always use a layering effect when applying, bit by bit build up the intensity, so that they don't clump up on your eyes.

A close up on my 2 favourite glitter pots.
Now everything's done, we're ready to set off.

Christina aka Huney


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