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Yipee! See what my hubby got me! More nail toys from O.P.I.! This is from their new "Pirates of thhe Caribbean" collection. I got the miniature set and silver shatter nail colour. In addtion, I finally found the black shatter from "Katy Perry" Collection. Woots~

So once I got home, I got my hubby to be my nail model to test the colours out. *I just had my nails done the day before, thus I can't do it on my nails*.

A closer look at the colours in packaging.
Ta Da! Check out the colours. From left: "Skulls & Glossbones" (Grey), "Planks A Lot" (Purple), "Sparrow Me The Drama" (Pink), "Stranger Tides" (Light Greyish Green).
Colours tested on nails. (Colours are true to the real thing).

The colours are light and creamy, but it's a little 'diluted', you need to apply at least 3 layers to get the full colours displayed. Another way I would suggest is to paint a layer of white nail polish before applying the colours.
The Silver Shatter works best on darker colours. Here it's displayed with a black base colour.
Reminds me of the malnutrition nails of pirates... :P

Then I tried out the Black Shatter on the light colours of the Pirates of Caribbean collection. I tested it out on the pink nail colour.

I compared and find that the Black Shatter more and they spread much further apart. Not sure is it because the Silver Shatter has glitter bits in it, it dries slower and cracks slower. And also the spaces between colours are smaller.

But each colour has its own effect on different colours. I'll definitely be playing more with the shatter colours. Stay tuned whilst I load pictures of more nail art....

Christina aka Huney


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