[Tried & Tested] 3 Concept Eyes (3CE) REAL SOFT CLEANSING SHERBET

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Hi Huneybees,

Even before my trip to Korea, I'm already getting all the goodies from there! Here today to introduce is the 3CE REAL SOFT CLEANSING SHERBET

3CE or rather 3 CONCEPT EYES is the top hot Korean Beauty brand currently, for its bright hip colours. I've gotten some of those products myself, but the product I'm sharing today is for cleansing. This is the most delicate makeup remover I've ever had!

Once you have opened the packaging, inside is a tub of white soft cream that feels so so so light! I simply use the spatula provided and scoop a spoon of it for the whole face. Then I simply rub that all over my face, concentrating more on the eyes.

But as the Cleansing Sherbet feels so soft, I'm normally using very little force as well, It's as though I'm just lightly brushing my hands over my face. It works like magic, just that small dollop of cleanser and a few rounds of rubbing, my makeup is fully removed! And all you have to do next is to wash your face with lukewarm water and follow with a cleanser, then you are good to go to bed. 

Did I mention how fragrant it is?!
OMG! I literally swear by this, it is the most delicate makeup remover you can find in the market and it removes all types of makeup, be it waterproof or water resistant! It doesn't sting the eyes and definitely on my must-have list when it comes to cleansing!

You can find 3CE products at their website here.
I hope they open a branch here in Singapore, kinda save me the trouble don't you think?
Hehehehe ~



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