[Tried & Tested] Katy Perry Color Pop Lashes by Eylure in Ka-Ching

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Hi Huneybees,

Ever wanted those luscious, flirtatious lashes like those of Katy Perry's? No one can resist those eyes eh? Well, with the collaboration of Katy Perry and Eylure, comes an array of false lashes that will definitely get you to flirt your way through. :)

Eylure is a false eyelash company, and all their lashes are 100% natural and handmade.  They are reusable and suitable for those of us who wear contact lens.  Being around since 1947, their lashes were worn by several iconic gorgeous ladies - including Elizabeth Taylor!

I have come across Eylure lashes on my previous trip to Britain and these lashes under the Katy Perry Color Pop Lashes by Eylure collection are full flushed lashes with a tinge of colour pop. The stylist pop singer has always been known for her bright hair colours and now these are just the right ones for the colour hugging ME! They are meant to pop out the colour of your eyes more by adding a little flash of subtle color to your lashes.

So, I was given the Katy Perry Color Pop Lashes by Eylure in Ka-Ching to review and I brought them along to my trip in Penang. These lashes had a hidden hint of peacock green amidst the black lashes, and I liked that it is not the super dramatic coloured lashes.

The lashes come with Eylure's LashFix, an instruction booklet, and a sticker to go with it's pop styled packaging. I love the Roy Lichtenstein inspired-style of Katy Perry, it really shows so much of her personality! 

The packaging made it so easy to bring around and store back when done using, that's why I decided to bring it along on my trip. When I go overseas, I like to wear my false lashes as I find no matter how waterproof or resistant your mascara or eyeliner can be, there's bound to be certain level of smudges towards the end of the day.

This is how it looks with the lashes on. I matched them with a nude look and everyone was loving my lashes. Not only did they match my hair, it also "opened" up my eyes quite a bit and brought colours to a simple look of the day.

It was very comfortable to wear them for the whole day and I liked that the band is so easy to fit onto my eyes. However, the lashes were a little too long for my eyes and I had to trim the ends a little. But nonetheless, I still loved these lashes...

These lashes would be great for the everyday office look. You can look good and add a little pop of colour to your look without having to over dramatize your makeup!

The Katy Perry Color Pop Lashes by Eylure false lashes comes in 3 different coloured strip lashes and one set of individual lashes. They are all named with the comic "sound effects" to go with the comic colour pop packaging.

Katy Perry Color Pop Lashes in Ka-Pow
Oh Wow, Ka-Pow! These violet tipped beauties area special gift for all eye shades, but will add extra POW-er to brown hued eyes. Be your own alter ego by ditching the dull and buffing up those beautiful eyes. It really is your brand new secret weapon. Holy Lash power!

Katy Perry Color Pop Lashes in Ka-Boom
Make room for Ka-Boom! It’s the secret agent working for the blue-tification of most eye colors, yet will really add snap and pop to the blue-y shades. One flutter of your super-powered peepers and you’ll never look back. Introducing...Gal Wonder! 

Katy Perry Color Pop Lashes in Ka-Ching
It’s m’thingKa-Ching! A normal gal by day, a fabulously lashed super-vixen by night.  This proud-as-a-peacock toned lash is the best sidekick a busy-beauty can have. It works with all eye colors, helps you look amazing and works your look tirelessly for hours! Ka-ka-ka-ka-CHING!

Katy Perry Color Pop Lashes in Ka-Zaam
‘Scuse me ma’am, its Ka-Zaam! Your eyes are moments away from a Superhero makeover. Little lash flares are made to be built up into something truly fabulous. Go all out and use all three jewel tones in one look or pick your favorite and layer them up to skyscraper heights. Zoinks! 

The Katy Perry Color Pop Lashes by Eylure are available exclusively in 52 selected Guardian stores islandwide, retailing at SGD$13.90 each.



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