[Tried & Tested] Wave Goodbye To Smudges With EYLURE Miss Flicklash False Eyelashes

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Hi Huneybees,

Having to draw the right winged eyeliner takes quite a bit of practice and in our climate, it's so hard to find the right eyeliner to get that black line to stay on without having to smudge throughout the day right?

Well, then the Miss Flicklash by Eylure is the one for you!

Think Vintage Burlesque, Dita Von Teese style, Miss Flicklash is bursting with personality, allowing you to ditch the eyeliner and mascara and enjoy your day (or night) out.

Developed by sisters and Makeup Artist and Products Designer Duo - Lynne Mills and Lucy Ross, the pair of false lashes comes with a "built-in" eyeliner. The eyeliner is made of velvety material and the pair of falsies is not only flexible but also very sturdy, I've been re-using them for more than 7 times and I can still keep on wearing!

The product idea was inspired by countless client requests over the years on replicating the sought after 'eyeliner flick' make-up look at home, then after a few years of experimenting 'Miss Flicklash' - A False Eyelash with an Eyeliner Flick Attached was developed.

The pair of Miss Flicklash I got is the 140F. It comes in a bright pink packaging and this is the more luscious pair. I didn't have to do much trimming and it fits perfectly onto the shape of my eyes.

The flick has a separate tape attached to them, so after you've glued the lashes on, you can adjust the flicks afterwards. I didn't have to do this since mine always sat evenly without any fiddling. Maybe after a couple of times the tape might not be that sticky anymore, you can simply put a bit of lash glue in replacement.

I wear these lashes throughout the day, more than 8 hours a day and I can simply wave good bye to smudges, having to fret my eyeliner has faded or even if my falsies have dropped! So, come join me and bid our adieu-s to our mascaras and eyeliners!

There are 2 designs (140F and 080F) launched in Singapore and they are available in 30 selected Watsons stores and are priced at $11.90.



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