Benefit Instant Beauty

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I was recently at the Style x Benefit Workshop and picked up a few tips about their products and was introduced to their latest kits - Complexion Kit / Lip and Cheek Kit.

Here are the range of Benefit products...

Our homegrown makeup guru - Larry Yeo demonstrated that day and he began moisturizing and preparing the model's skin with Benefit's b.right! Radiant Skincare.

Yasminne Cheng was the host for the night.
In fact, after using them, the model's skin looked clean and refreshed, she could actually head out like that with some sunscreen.

Ok, now onto makeup.

First, minimize pores with POREfessional.

Then, with Benetint, give your cheeks the natural red glow and lips too!

After applying Hello Flawless foundation, conceal the problem ares with Erase Paste and Boi-ing of your shade.

Lip Balm. Lip Gloss and Mascara. Voila!

Nice right? The model looked so young and refresh, totally suitable for a every day look. So here's a little introduction to their kits, so that everyone can try out and get instant beauty!

First up, Complexion Kit.
I received the Light version.
Inside are the products alongside a mirror and instructions of step-by-step usage of each product.

In the kit, there's POREfessional, a small bottle of HELLO FLAWLESS that matches my skin colour, 2 shades of boi-ing to mix or use alone for concealing and lastly a face powder and a brush to set the face. 

Following the steps and with some basic skills, you can achieve flawless looking skin in just 4 simple steps!

And for the makeup portion, for natural rosy cheeks and some shades of colour, there is the Lip and Cheek Kit.

I got the Sugarlicious Kit that go deliciously nude... sweet & soft shades for a fresh, natural-looking glow!

Yes, in there are not only the products, there's also a vanity mirror and step-by-step tips and tricks. There's Benetint, a rose tinted lip and cheek stain, High Beam for highlighting the high points of the face for a 3D look, Sugarbomb - a quadrant coloured blusher for the sugar rush flush and also Sugarbomb a shimmery light pink lip gloss.

That's me after using both kits with the added eye colour, eyeliner and mascara. I love how my skin looked like porcelain! 
The Benefit Complexion Kits are sold at SGD$48 each and the Lip and Cheek Kits are sold at SGD$45 each.

Christina aka Huney


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