Cleo's October Lingerie Shoot

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Yipee! I'm on on magazine again! And this time with a dream fulfilled. I plucked up my courage and went for a lingerie photo shoot for Cleo Magazine Singapore. The shoot was to inspired girls of all sizes to show confidence in their body, not to be shy and hide.

This month's cover features Dakota Fanning. She's such a darling ~
I went with Miyo and met up with Janice, who was the one who hooked us up to this photoshoot. They were gorgeous babes, superb bodies and mine was "shy" next to them. But the wonderful people of Cleo encouraged me and boy, I loved the camera after a few snaps of pictures, I couldn't stop! LOL!

Here's the results.....

This is the spread for the smaller size girls. Amongst them is Miyo and Janice.
And this is me!!!
I do have my own flaws, I'm a plus size, but I have learnt to accept it and embrace my wonderful curves. Just have more confidence, smile and the world will smile back at ya!

So here's some snapshots that we took "backstage". Go hurry grab you copy of Cleo (October Issue) now!

Woke up super early for the shoot. No makeup on, but had my XL contact lens on. :)

Got my hair straightened and wonderful makeup done! I love my eyes!!!

Under flash....
Lights and Cameras all set up!

Check out the amount of bras!!! So colourful right?

We've picked out set to wear.....
And it was Miyo's turn first.

Love love love her eye makeup!

And it's a wrap for Miyo!
Forgot to snap a pic while Miyo is still in lingerie....
Next up was for me and Janice. Not sure why we're put together though.....

Then, it was time for our individual shots....

Much much much special thanks to Cleo for making my wish come true and also the wonderful ladies, Miyo and Janice for allowing me to put up their gorgeous photos.

P.S. Plus Size Model for hire... :)

Christina aka Huney


  1. Lynn Lim said...:

    This is such an inspiring entry, and thanks for the sneak peek into the photoshoot :)

  1. Miyo Han said...:

    NICE!!!! LOVE IT <3

  1. Hi Lynn! Thank you! It's was great fun and it's wonderful to know that I inspire...

  1. Hey Miyo, the post was made possible with your support.

  1. ~* J a S said...:

    Great Job Christina ! Gorgeous ! Every one is unique in their own way and you've really display that confidence thru ur own style . Really motivating .

  1. Thank you for your support Jas! I'm so happy I did this shoot. I gained lots of confidence! :)

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