Another 7th Month dinner

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The 7th month on the Lunar Calendar just ended and I did a makeup for the last dinner that I had with my parents for the 7th Month. It's a little overboard, but let's just say as long as you are confident, you can carry off any look!

I was thinking of a colour to go with my teal t-shirt and I tot of purple!
Super crazy top and bottom lashes for the night.
Here's a little breakdown. Correction, the eyeliner is BLUE NOON not High Noon.
It was pretty much a simple eye makeup look. A light to dark purple eyeshadow for the lids and a light pink eyeshadow with shimmer for the brow bone and for a twist, I used my favourite M.A.C. Blue Noon eyeliner to line my lower lashline.

Then it's off to the false lashes. For the top I used a super volumizing pair of lashes from Daiso and for the bottom, I used 3 of those individual lashes also from Daiso, and applied them close to each other starting from the outer corner of the eyes.

This look is pretty dramatic, but I guess you can try it out with neutral colours like beige and brown eyeshadow for a day out with the girls or try other colours when you go for clubbing/parties. Have fun exploring the different ways!

Finish off with a pic of Mummy dearest and me. Everyone says I got her features... =P

Christina aka Huney


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