[What's New] A Royal Treat For My Huneybees With The Body Shop's Honeymania Collection

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Hi Huneybees,

Rejoice and say cheers to The Body Shop! They have created a collection - Honeymania for Autumn and yes! It's our favourite HONEY!!!! Now we can bath in it, soak in it and even smell like it!!!
*Super Happy Queen Bee*

This is no ordinary honey used in the collection, it's Community Free Trade Honey that is wild-harvested from our cousin-bees in the remote Sheka rainforest in Ethiopa. The Sheka honey has very distinctive taste and aroma because of fragrant rainforest flowers that our cousins in the wild collect from.

The Sheka Honey is of such high quality that it's good enough to eat and is in fact used as high end table honey. It is not the usual sweet-to-the-max honey, but a softly sweetened floral honey that's warm enough to brighten up the gloomy Autumns.

So, are you ready to pamper yourselves? Let me show ya the collection....

Honeymania Bubble Bath Melt $26.90

This is a MUST HAVE! Instead of always dipping your fingers in the honeypot, why not simply soak in it?! Play with bubbles and indulge in the moisturising organically harvested Community Fair Trade honey from Ethiopia. The scent lingers on your body and I bet you will be attracting your bee partners in no time!

Honeymania Shower Gel $12.90

Like the Bubble Bath Melt, you can look to shower yourself in the luxurious, fragrant honey. It is not as strong scented as the Bubble bath Melt, but you can expect the same kind of moisture to your skin.

Honeymania Soap $6.90

I am not really a soap bar fan, but when it is designed like a honeycomb with a bee imprinted, I cannot resist giving it a try. It lathers very well and is actually very moisturizing!

Honeymania Body Scrub $30.90

I used Body Scrub weekly and nothing beats the ones from The Body Shop. For the Honeymania Body Scrub, it contains moisturising Community Fair Trade Shea from Ghana, and beeswax from Cameroon. So other than simply scrubbing your body off the dirt, your skin is also left feeling velvety soft.

Honeymania Body Butter $30.90

Being the hero product, the rich Body Butter promises of 24 hours of hydration. Treat yourself to a relaxing massage in it, to leave skin lightly scented and feeling sensationally soft and smooth all over. Each pot contains honey made from the nectar of thousands of flowers!

Honeymania Eau de Toilette $22.90

The Eau de Toilette seemed a little more floral compared to the other products in the collection. It starts of very strong but throughout the day it slowly fades away, but with this easy to carry 30ml bottle, you can always spritz a little honey everywhere you go.

Honeymania Lip Balm $10.90

And just when you thought that's enough sweetness, you have The Body Shop's trusty lip balm. This is the closest you might actually get to taste the Sheka Honey and boy, would your lips taste so fine when you lock lips with your other half!

So, here's leaving you with the story of Miss Honeymania.
Have a honey-licious time!



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