[What's New] Philosophy's hope in a jar night And Preview Their Christmas Collection

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Hi Huneybees,

Thanks to philosophy, I can now pamper myself in the night as well. Not only is there HOPE for me in the day, now, there is HOPE for me in the night too! 

Introducing the philosophy hope in a jar night!

Hahahaha! Not that I have HOPE-less skin, is just that having something that works on my skin as I sleep at night, makes me feel better every morning. Did you know that your body renews itself best as you sleep (nighttime is your skin’s best opportunity for treatment and repair)? 

So why not put it to work while you have your beauty sleep?

Well, with the hope in a jar night, you can wake up to soft and visibly radiant skin. Why? Here's a little more info to it...

With philosophy’s breakthrough nighttime renewal technology, everything you imagine is possible. new hope in a jar night intense retexturizing moisturizer helps redefine your beauty sleep. it features a patented qusome delivery system that allows for better, gentler and more effective penetration of active ingredients.

The glycolic acid helps retexturize skin as it plumps the appearance of fine lines and even skin tone while the beta glucan helps strengthen skin’s natural cellular defense. It is clinically proven to help improve the signs of aging with regular use & good whole 8 hours of sleep:
• overnight, 92% felt softer, comfortably hydrated skin.**
• and in 2 weeks, 90% showed diminished fine lines.
** based on a once daily use, clinical study 
** consumer study of 48 participants

When I first tried the cream at the bloggers' party (at the whimsical rooms of Wanderlust Hotel), I was impressed by how quickly it is absorbed, leaving behind a silky feeling on my skin. It's so unlike other brands that I've tried, which can be pretty sticky and leaves a mess on the pillow.

After almost 2 weeks of using the hope in a jar night, I can find my skin feeling more supple and some of the fine lines being less visible. Together with my hope in a jar in the day, philosophy is working wonders on my skin day and night!

At the party, I also got to preview philosophy's Christmas surprises installed for us. Just purely the shoower gel, you can already find 8 of it and all of them smelt like Christmas! You say huh? But with flavours like Butter Rum Cake, Cheery Pinwheel Cookie, Granny's Apple Pie and Homemade Honey Buns, I bet you will be smelling delicious!

And of course, nothing beats Christmas than the art of gifting. philosophy has always had interesting recipes for you to share with your girlfriends, so let's see what's cooking eh?

think beautiful thoughts - 5 pc. skin gift of radiance
Inside: purity made simple 3-in-1 cleanser for face and eyes, the microdelivery triple-acid brightening peel pad, hope in a jar high-performance moisturizer for all skin types, when hope is not enough facial firming serum and eye hope multitasking eye cream for dark circles, puffiness & lines.

Give the gift of a beautiful complexion. think beautiful thoughts features our best-selling skin care and newest weekly brightening peel to give you beautifully bright, impeccably smooth, healthy looking skin. Their skin care is formulated with scientifically-proven ingredients to give you the best looking skin of your life.

the care package
Inside: the microdelivery exfoliating facial wash , purity made simple 3-in-1 cleanser
for face and eyes, hope in a jar high-performance moisturizer for all skin types, hands of hope hand and cuticle cream and the microdelivery in-home vitamin c/peptide peel

The best gift you can give this season is philosophy skin care. The care package features philosophy's bestselling skin care for all skin types, designed to help you achieve radiantly clear, beautifully bright and impeccably smooth skin. 

the cookbook
Inside: red velvet cake, sweet fluffy cupcake, cinnamon buns and spiced gingerbread
cookie shampoo, shower gel & bubble bath

Share philosophy's favorite christmas holiday treats with the cookbook, a collection of philosophy’s most-loved, recipe inspired shower gels for the christmas holiday. The cookbook-style box is festive, giftable and a fun way to share christmas holiday tradition. Moreover, you can get baking recipes right off the bottles, so you can enjoy that Christmas treat after a nice bathe too!

holiday handbook
Inside: homemade honey buns, spiced gingerbread cookie and cranberry medley hand creams

Keep your hands hydrated during the winter months with holiday handbook with philosophy's ultra-rich hand creams. They are formulated with multiple butters, including shea, mango and cocoa, that nurture and soften dry hands, while natural oils and antioxidants moisturize and help protect skin against environmental attack. Hands are left feeling super soft and smooth, never greasy, and delicately scented.

amazing grace - mini fragrance layering set
Inside: shampoo, bath & shower gel; firming body emulsion; and spray fragrance

Smell and feel amazingly clean and beautifully feminine with philosophy's amazing grace fragrance collection. The clean floral scent of amazing grace allows you to embrace your beauty and express your femininity with the shampoo, bath & shower gel as they cleanses and conditions skin and hair for a luxurious bath or shower experience; and afterwards, use the firming body emulsion to moisturize, smoothe and help protect skin, leaving it feeling silky soft. Layer with amazing grace spray fragrance for a finishing touch ~

Of course there are also more of their Christmas packages to go round, it is simply too extensive, you have to go check them out in stores! I'm gona go get my beauty sleep soon and go to Dreamland with my hope in a jar night. Thank you philosophy for the treat!



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