[Tried & Tested] Are You Ready For Halloween?

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Hi Huneybees,

Halloween weekend is happening in a couple of hours and are you ready for it? I will be in New Zealand by then, but if you are like me, always looking to scare people off with makeup, you have got to check out these amazing creamy lipsticks from SHEENe Cosmetics!

The lovely people from SHEENe Cosmetics have given me the lovely rainbow colours to play with. I was a little skeptical at first, thinking the colours might stain my lips, especially wary of the black one. But when I I tried each colour on my lips, I simply had to wipe my lips off with a tissue, the colours would come off. 

From Top Left: N1, Y1, G1
From Bottom Left: S1, V2, K1
However, that would also mean these are not the long wearing type of lipstick, so be prepared and have the lipstick of your choice in your bags. Also, though the lipsticks were said to be matte, you can see the shine they are giving off on my arm swatch-ing above. Not complaining as I like my lips to have a little shine, there's always a sense of plumped lips with shine. Hehehe.

So, here's me trying out the different lipsticks with a plain nude look. You can already see the effect of each lipstick colour. With the right kind of hair colour or wig and eyeshadows, you are definitely ready to portray the scary figure you want to...

Yellow Y1 is a soft light colour for the psychedelic bananas. You might look a little washed out, so be sure to amp up on the eyes.
Green G1 just simply reminds me of Poison Ivy, don't forget the sexy cat eyes!
Light Blue S1 is so cool, play a sexy little Dr. Freeze this Halloween!
Purple V2 reminds me of a nymph/faerie. Wear more glittery eyeshadows and step out with the light wings and magic wand of yours to play the part!
This has got to be my favourite colour. It's Black K1, I know it''s a little extreme, but if you want to play an evil character or even a mime face, this is definitely a must have.
Of course, these are just some of the colours I picked out which I think are more playful, there are also the more "normal"colours for your everyday lip-wearing. Like this Beige N1 that I have below, you are definitely set to go off for work in this look!


So, have fun and have a great Halloween!
SHEENe Cosmetics available @ BHG, SINMA, Pink Beauty and My CK (nail polish) in Singapore.



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