[What's New] To Gel Or Not To Gel - Etude House Enamel ting Gel Nails Collection

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Hi Huneybees,

Etude House has recently joined in the gel nails trend in K-beauty and launched a new affordable series of nail products - Enamel ting Gel Nails collection, allowing you to have your very own nail salon at home! 

Though it is available in the Etude House branches around Singapore, but I still prefer to have mine ordered and delivered right to my door step. All thanks to Qoo10, I've got my items shipped right from Korea and most of the time, even faster than the local stores can stock up!

The whole collection includes a Enamel ting LED gel lamp, Enamel ting Gel Nail Cleanser, and Enamel ting Gel Nail Remover together with 35 brilliant gel nail polishes, that allows you create all sorts of nail art and manicure.

The gel lamp is slightly cheaper than what you can find out in the market, portable and easy to use with 36 LED lights, letting you set your gel nails in 45 seconds flat. It has an internal timer that will auto turn off after 45 seconds, so that you know it is time to add another coat of colour.

I've gotten 2 colours - #5 Apple Bite (Red) and #17 Coating Jean (Blue) to try out the nail polishes. The colour payoff is amazing and it is very easy and smooth to apply. With just 1 application, you can get full shiny coloured nails. My nails are ready with 10 minutes with just 2 coats of the nail polish.

But, getting your gel nails done is not as straight forward as your usual nail polish of applying the colours coat after coat. You will also need the help of the Enamel ting Gel Nail Cleanser. Removing the gel nails is also not that fast too! Here's the steps to it...

But purchasing these gel nails materials were with an initial struggle. I was weighing the pros and cons, reading up more of gel nails manicure before deciding to get them. In fact, I still have my reservations doing gel nails again. Why? Here's my list of them...


  • Affordable and easy on the pockets
  • Manicure that lasts 2-3 weeks
  • Chip-free
  • Fast Drying
  • Easier to create nail designs without smudges


  • A health risk as you are constantly baking your nails under UV lamp - cancer, increased photo-aging, more wrinkles
  • Hassle for gel nails removal 
  • Filing down of the nails to break the top coat, might lead to over filing, thus making the nails thin and weak
  • Soaking in the gel remover makes nails dry

Some tips when applying gel nails at home...
  • Apply sunscreen on your hands before application
  • Buff your nails to get a better surface for the gels to stick to, ensuring your gel nails last longer
  • Be sure not to paint your cuticles and wipe off any that gets on your skin before curing
  • Apply cuticle oil and hand lotion once you are done.

So, what do you think? 
Would you consider giving the Etude House Enamel ting Gel Nails collection a test drive?

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