[What's New] The M.A.C Isabel & Ruben Toledo Collection Swept Me Off My Feet

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Hi Huneybees,

I swept them all up like a #Toledo! This is a very exciting collection from M.A.C as they collaborates with fashion’s most romantic couple - Isabel and Ruben Toledo!

"They are renowned for their award-winning and imaginative work in fashion design and illustration. This unique collaboration with M·A·C pairs Isabel’s sensational penchant for colour with Ruben’s vibrant energy in a palette of hues designed to sculpt, paint and transform the face. Specially designed white packaging features Ruben’s illustrations, an array of graphic lines and red-lipped faces brought to life with his one-of-a-kind aesthetic.”

I'm already a M.A.C addict and when you start throwing colours and nicely designed packaging at me, I would fall head over heels uncontrollably. I splurged like a Toledo (*Tornado, get it?) and there was no regrets at all!

I didn't sweep up the whole collection, but here's some swatches I took in store, before I share with you a tutorial with the ones that I have. 
*These are limited editions, so some of them might have already been swept up at the launch ~

So for the eyes, there are 3 palettes - Bellgreens, Moodyblu and Violetwink. I have the Bellgreens, so I would be sharing them later, but here's the lovely blue palette - Moodyblu and purple pink palette - Violetwink.

The more fun and surprising products have got to be the coloured eyeliners and mascara, that will be so inviting for the summer time fun under the sun!

And if you are a fan of gradient blushers, you have got to get these 3 shades of lovely blushers ranging from soft pink to peach for that sun-kissed look.

And like I told you, colours are major in this collection, choose from a range of 6 lipsticks and 6 lip glosses to complement that beautiful eye makeup of yours. Oxblood was a top favourite that night and I was glad I managed to snag one for myself! Yipee!

In the collection are also 3 shades of nail polishes - Faint of Heart, Venus Red and Vixen, as well as a Powder Blush Brush that comes with a pouch and a unique Makeup Bag that features all the wonderful graphics of the collection.

On the day of the launch, I also got a little makeup touch up with the lime green Chlorafill eyeliner and Sin on my lips. Hehehehe, that sounded kinda badass eh? So what do you think of the look? I will share more of the video once I'm done with the editing. Stay tuned k?

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