[Tried & Tested] Get Rid Of That Double Chin!

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Hi Huneybees,

Getting rid of double chins was never so easy. Enough with the slapping on your chin, gone is the funny band that hugs your head, it's time for an easy way out. There has to be right?!

Well, I was at Privé Clinic for the Exilis Treatment. It is an award winning body contouring & skin tightening treatment and using this miracle machine above, just one session, you can see the difference already!

This is the Radio Frequency sending "gun".
I was brought into this relaxing room,  like any facial/massage room to prepare for my treatment. Don't worry. No surgery, nothing invasive to your body is done. With Simultaneous Use of Radio Frequency & Ultrasound, the skin is tightened and lifted. It feels warm to the touch, but the consultant was very considerate, pausing every now and then to adjust, letting me cool down before she proceeds.

Ready to see the difference? Be surprised!

See! The left side after treatment seems more lifted right? Even my double chin seemed lesser! This is just one session, imagine if I had gone for more! My double chin might be gone! 

If, you are interested, drop by Privé Clinic to get consulted...

Privé Clinic Pte Ltd
Office Address: 400 Orchard Road #12-08 Orchard Towers Singapore 238875 T: 6737 8837 F: 6737 8738
Clinic Address: 390 Orchard Road #03-03 Palais Renaissance Singapore 238871 T: 6737 6639 F: 6737 8984



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