[Updated] Watsons Beauty Day Out - Spring Colour Report 2013

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I was at 7Adam for Watsons Beauty Day Out. It was for their Spring Colour Report 2013 and it was held to mark the launch of a brand new Watsons. 

With a whole new logo, the brand is set to shape the beauty movement in Singapore! Beginning with Spring, you can look forward to updating your "wardrobe" with all new range of makeup, hair and skincare.

I met a bunch of beauty blogger friends there and since the event was huge (4 major platforms were featured; cosmetics, hair care, skincare and inner beauty oral supplements\) and there was a lot to be introduced, we were all grouped according to the flower bands that we received.

After a quick note of "I was here", we were lead upstairs to where to Wonderland was.

Toni & Guy

This premium brand was recently spotted with a whole new look. It now has 6 collections; Cleanse & Nourish, Prep, Casual, Classic, Glamour and Creative. Each will breathe life into your tresses, styling them in a way that conveys your attitude to the world.

Their hero product would have to be the Sea Salt Texturing Spray ($24.90 for 150ml). It will allow you to create Blake Lively tousled beachy waves. Just a spritz of this into towel-dried or dry hair and scrunch away! It will give your hair the texture and the moisture level remains status quo.  

On the spot, there was also a demonstration on using the Creative range and see how much more volume the models hair is!

Makeup Maestro - Larry Yeo was there to help out at the Toni & Guy booth. 

CandyDoll, Eyemazing and Jewelove

This premium brand was recently spotted with a whole new look. It now has 6 collections; Cleanse & Nourish, Prep, Casual, Classic, Glamour and Creative. Each will breathe life into your tresses, styling them in a way that conveys your attitude to the world.

This booth is definitely for all who loves J style makeup. CandyDoll didn't have much of a new launch that day, it was a short introduction to their range of products. 

Avancé was highly recommended in the @Cosme list and it's all about your very own eyelashes. Sometimes overuse of falsies might cause loss of eyelashes or you are like me, naturally, lashes are not that plentiful, our Saviour is here!

Top: The very first mascara that the brand produced.
Below: How the mascara looks like now with upgraded lash serum.

For Eyemazing, they will be launching a series of pink-brown lashes, definitely  the first of its kind! #801 Eyemazing AMO Pastel Type A ($21.90 for 3 pairs) for full and long lashes and #802 Eyemazing AMO Pastel Type B ($21.90 for 3 pairs) for sweet and natural ones!  

It's the latest collection that features a collaboration with Zipper model AMO-chan, the Eyemazing x Zipper x AMO x Pastel range is the first to be launched in Singapore.

I fell in love with the maroon looking pair No. 819 and here's how it looks. 

It's a chocolate tinge and I like how every strand becomes so visible, I am definitely converting to this range of falsies!

Jewelove known as Hewerich in Japan is a range of eyelashes launched in 2010 to help girls achieve bigger and more attractive eyes. The new range is eyelashes #P3 and #P4 that is developed by models Hoshino Kana and Mai Hirose respectively.


Developed by Shiseido, AQUALABEL is a Japanese skincare series committed to bringing trusted skincare expertise and value to every Asian woman. Each product is specially formulated with a "Super Skincare-Charging System" that seeks to infuse skin with an abundance of moisture.

The gold range above is the all-new AQUALABEL Anti-Aging Line that's formulated with the brand's patented Aqua Ex Base technology that helps to hydrate your skin and with the star ingredient - Fermented Royal Jelly, you are in for supply looking skin!


Also a range developed by Shiseido, the Senka Perfect range is highly sought after in Japan and also featured in @Cosme list. Some of hte key products include the Hoshitsu Lotion, Whitening Lotion, and Perfect UV Gel SPF 50/PA++.


With the bright red packaging, Olay will be introducing their New Generation Olay Regenerist rage - featuring a new formulation of its award-winning anti-aging boutique. It is now powered by Skin Energizing Technology to boost natural surface skin renewal by up to 2 times, fighting skin fatigue.

At the event, Blogger - Moonberry shared her experience with using the Olay Regenerist range. She highly recommends the Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Eye & Lash Duo ($49.99). Not only can you reduce fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes, you can also nourish and condition your lashes!

BRAND'S Innershine

BRAND'S is a common household name and in the recent years they have developed the BRAND'S Innershine category that focuses on beauty from within through their range of oral beauty supplements. 

Their latest addition would be the BRAND'S Innershine Marine Collagen Essence Strip. I have been a fan of the jelly-like strip eversince seeing it being featured on 女人我最大. I have a strip a day but according to the person in charge, 2-3 strips is then the correct amount. 

Oh! I need to go get more!

Easy packaging makes it easy for you to eat the strip of collagen jelly. It taste like a grape flavoured jelly. Yummy!

GLOW Ignite 2.0

This was a surprise for me. Didn't know the GLOW team would be there for this event. GLOW Ignite 2.0 is something I am on too. I'm on the bloggers challenge to lose weight.

Made from a 100% natural proprietary blend of powerful fat blasting botanical extracts, this has been clinically proven to promote weight loss. An upgraded version of Glow Original, this one promises to accelerate maximum fat loss, oxidize belly fat cells, reduce waistline circumference, increase lean mass to fat mass ratio for a toned body appearance, etc.

Daphne, the biggest "loser" and the recent appointed ambassador for GLOW Ignite 2.0 was there to share her experiences and to answer any of our queries. She's really an inspiration!

Dr. Wu

Dr. Wu - one of Taiwan's top brands and the products have all been formulated for the Asian skin. They are free from additives, alcohols and have a high concentration of high-grade actives that are safe and effective, even for sensitive skin. I have been using their BB Cream for a period and I'm liking them.
The latest line to be launched is the Mandelic Acid - an almond extract that is known for its superb efficacy in renewing and refining skin for greater clarity and smoother texture. Based on the Derma-Cells Renewal Technology, it helps to rejuvenate skin cells for a softer and youthful complexion.

Heroine Make

Everyone's favourite Heroine Make. Their Long & Curl Mascara is the all time favourite and they will be launching the BB Mineral Loose Powder this year. Available in 2 shades, this provides a natural and matte coverage, keeping you oil-free and smooth the whole day!

Elite Models

Look at their Jardins Secrets Spring 2013 display! The whole display of the collection with rose petals were simply alluring and it was as though I was back in Versailles! The 4 eyeshadows with rose designed embossed was simply eyecatching and not forgetting the super sweet pink colours from the collection's palette, it will definitely make you wana fall in love again...

Their star product is the Fantastic Primer ($24.90 for 15ml). It is a water-based gel makeup base that is suitable for all skin types, equipped with anti-ageing, anti-pollutants agents and Plankton, this base not only ensures long-lasting makeup but also, radiant and healthy looking skin!

The Intense Kajal Eyeliners were also really pretty, with glitters dotting the base like fairy dust! Comes in 4 shades; black, navy blue, forest green and brown. The French Kiss Lipsticks are all so moisturising and the colours are so pigmented, you can get full solid colours with just one swipe.

Rock Beauty

Rock Beauty was my last stop and imagine all the excitement I have bottled up! This brand is from UK and I've been wanting to get my hands on them (wana save on shipping mah...). They are famously known for their intricate designed easy-to-use nail appliques and their specialty is the 3D version.

There are 16 designs to choose from their Nail Rock Classic range and for the Nail Rock 3D, they currently have 4 designs. I'm loving the 3D ones coz they have these diamond looking pop-up designs that make your nails look like you have spent a whole day in the nail salon! Très chic, Très hip, Très sexy!

I simply love how the model and the staff played with the different types of Nail Rock appliques on each nail. They look so playful yet, suitable for all events!

Rock Beauty also carries a range of Eye Rock which you can add some attention to your eyes? I like the lace prints one. Wonder how it will look on me... :)

Here's the goodie bag that we all brought home each. Super thank you to Watsons and the participating brands. I will be sharing more reviews about the products. Do stay tuned to Colour Huney ~~~

Christina aka Huney


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