Maybelline - Wild Night Out

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maybelline master brow (3)
Maybelline has always done their product launches at clubs and last night was no different. This time, it was held at MINK, Pan Pacific Hotel. The event was called Maybelline Wild Night Out and launched with the launch of their new mascara - Magnum Volum Express (Waterproof).

Cheryl invited me as her +1, and since it was Ladies Night, it was definitely time for drinks and PARTY!!!

Wild cats were rampant last night and I did not give up my chance to doll up those eyes of mine too!

I wanted to give myself some leopard prints on the side of my face, but then I was thinking, also not Halloween! So I might as well dramatise my eyes with loads of falsies. It's a mascara launch anyway right?

And then it was the all girls favourite! Makeover session! 

All Maybelline's latest products were out for show, but then since I already had makeup done, the queue was horribly long, under the hot spotlights and outdoor weather, we gave it a miss and headed over to a shorter queue.

maybelline wild night (9)
Yeah! Airbrush tattoo! I had it done on my hand and I chose little stars. *Act guai*

maybelline wild night (10)
Yipee! Then it was all party time! We had 5 free drinks each, but we actually left before we could finish using them. It's work night, so everyone was holding back. 

In the goodie bag, there was NO sign of the mascara, but 2 eyeshadows from their previous launch. Totally head scratching moment. 

"Wasn't the party launch all about the mascara?" 

But anyhoo, I will be using the eyeshadows in my tutorial videos to come. Do stay tuned to Colour Huney...

Christina aka Huney


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