Putting on PAPERSELF Lashes

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Eversince I learned about PAPERSELF, I never stop lusting over it. Paper Lashes is simply too appealing and imagine my excitement when I was told by PAPERSELF, they would be sending a pair over for me to put on and review about them!

"So, which pair would I be getting?" This was the only question I had for the week, whilst waiting for my surprise to arrive...

Can you guess which designed I got?

I received the Deer and Butterfly pair!

With intricate designs and packaging, I really couldn't bear to take them out of the box! I was contemplating when to wear them and finally, I decided to wear them for clubbing!

I would say this was one of my favourite from their many designs. The butterflies were so flirtatious at the end of the lashes! However, I find it was a pity that the deer was not very visible. But nonetheless, I still liked the effect it has on my lashes and it was not that exaggerating as I thought it would be! It's like any false lashes, with lash glue and a tweezer, you can wear the lashes easily within minutes!

Gorgeous! I love how all the attention is at the eyes!

Although the lashes looks good with any colour eyeshadow, I still think nude colours are best for the lashes to fully stand out and let the designs be obvious. Even though it was said for one time use only, you could simply cut the lashes into parts for different placements along the eyes and the pair I wore, was taken off with much care and I actually managed to wear it the second time before throwing the pair of lashes away!

I would highly recommend these lashes for parties and events and especially for this festive season! Head on over to any Topshop or Sephora stores to get yourself some amazing lashes! 

Happy Shopping!

Christina aka Huney


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