[Sponsored Post] NEW Maybelline Pure Mineral BB Mousse, The Falsies Volum' Express Mascara and Color Sensational Lipstick

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New month, new products. Maybelline has launched their latest Pure Mineral BB Mousse, The Falsies Volum' Express Mascara and a range of Color Sensational Lipsticks. Thanks to Maybelline for sending over the products.

Here's my review on the products:

1) Maybelline Pure Mineral BB Mousse (SGD $23.90)

The Pure Mineral BB Mousse is developed in Japan, designed as a one-step ultra-lightweight skincare solution to achieve natural looking radiance within a simple dollop of soft, airy mousse! It moisturizez skin, conceals imperfections, and brightens skin tone while providing UV protection with SPF 30. Its lightweight texture provides unified and breathable coverage, while its pure minerals smoothen out pores and perfect complexion with a healthy, fresh nude look.

This is definitely a revolutionary invention. First of its own! BB cream in Mousse form, like you can lay it over a cake anytime!

The benefits of the BB Mousse:

  •  Hydrates in depth
  • Brightens skin tone
  • Leaves skin suppler
  • Smoothens out pores
  •  Lifts dullness
  • Reduces redness
  • Redefines skin texture
  • Protects skin against UV rays with SPF 30/PA+++

I love how the mousse feels so light on my skin and it covers my red spots perfectly, even my dark rings! The product is dried quickly, I don't even have to wait for it to dry, or pat in any face powder to set the mousse unlike BB Creams. Highly recommended if you are always on the rush, wana have your makeup done within seconds!

2) The Falsies Volum' Express Mascara (SGD $20.90)

I know how every much every girl goes through to try to make their eyes seem larger and one way is to wear false eyelashes. Yes, I am guilty of that too, the gluing might get messy sometimes, one might paste the lashes slanted or eyelids feel heavy in the middle of the day.

But guess what? All thanks to Maybelline, a new mascara is added to the Volum' Express range mimicking the effect of fake lashes and free us all of fake lashes.

The mascara is formulated to give Asian eyelashes 5X more volume by combining a trusty wand with a potent potion. The exclusive Spoon Curler Brush is designed to fan out every single lash, while its wider shape ensures generous product application to create a better press and curl. The brush generates maximum volume, leaving lashes with a graceful arch and a sultry over-the-top look.

On left: With Macara on. On Right: Without Mascara

The mascara’s secret lies in its formula, combining holding and building ingredients to create vertiginous volume. A concoction of gel matrix, a multiwax blend and polymer is used to lift and curl lashes, while ceramides and panthenol are brought in to make lashes stronger, smoother and thicker. The formula is further is enriched with pro-keratin (a protein known for its ability to strengthen and thicken eyelashes) to fill every gap along the lash line, making everyday false lash glam a piece of cake!

I love how luscious my lashes look, fuller, longer and every lash doesn't clamp together. It is waterproof, so don't fear about getting caught in the monsoon season or getting a little teary eyed. Now I can say bye bye to false lashes!

3) Color Sensational Lipsticks (SGD $17.90 each)

Color Sensational Lipstick is formulated to feel like silky honey and at the same time providing moisture, allowing lips to look smoother and fuller. For crisper colors, pure undiluted pigments are used to create a vivid and luminous look, while a light, sweet scent tops off the lipstick to further engage your senses. With its vibrant colors and velvety feel, the Maybelline Color Sensational lipsticks are sure to leave your lips wanting more!

Pink Peony is sweet and glittery. Highly recommended for clubbing or parties. Use with green or blue eye shadow palettes to get right into the party scene.

Tinted Taupe is suitable for a everyday look, going to work and just use earth colour palette for the eyes.

Yummy Plummy all purple-y and sweet. Not really a colour for work, but maybe after work dinner, date or your Sunday picnics. Soft pastel eye colours and a frock is all you need to be a sugar plum fairy!

Peachy Scene is a soft coral colour lipstick that has little sparkly bits, but not as loud as Pink Peony. Go ahead and try all eye colours with this lipstick and use it everyday. I love this colour!

Being a nude lipstick person, I'm afraid coloured lipstick might overpower my eye makeup, but Colour Huney is all about being daring to use colours right?  And now, I am in love with these lipsticks! After applying, my lips a now all smooth and moisturized, there's this shea butter smell to it, so fragrant ~

P.S.: Go ahead and kiss your BF/hubby. The lipstick does not transfer!

Color Sensational Lipsticks come in 20 shades allowing you to pick the colors that suit you best. Designed in a stylish jewel-like casing, the lipsticks are also categorized into four different color families to help you know straightaway which hue you’re reaching out for – whether it’s in your handbag, or off the shelf!

  • Revive your lips with Ravishing Reds & Corals (Peachy Scene, Summer Sunset, Are you Red-dy, Very Cherry and Red Revival)
  • Pamper your lips with Polished Pinks (Born With It, Pink Peony, Hooked on Pink, Pink Wink, Party Pink)
  • Perfect your lips with Provocative Plums (Yummy Plummy, Plum-Tastic, Plum Paradise, Plum Perfect, Mauve Me)
  • Soften your lips with Sensuan Nudes (Trendy Toffee, Warm Me Up, Crazy For Coffee, Cinnamon Stick, Tinted Taupe)

 The above products are all available at Watsons, Guardian, SASA, major supermarkets and hypermarkets, and selected departmental stores.

Christina aka Huney


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