O.P.I The Muppets Holiday 2011 Collection

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OMG OMG OMG! With the new The Muppets movie, O.P.I. also launched their latest holiday collection collaborated with them. I've placed an order for them and finally got them last week! There are 12 nail polishes for the collection, but I'v only gotten 8 of them as I thought the rest were quite similar to what I already have in my nail collection.

It's already said holiday collection, how can glitter and bling be missing right? So half the collection is all glittery (above) and the other half I would say is Miss Piggy inspired. Reds and metallics would very well be complimenting her in her ever changing images.
Let me share what I got  and the swatch of them all...

From Left: Rainbow Connection, Gone Gonzo, Fresh Frog of Bel Air, Gettin' Miss Piggy With It, Divine Swine. 
From Left: Warm & Fozzie, Designer,de Better, Excuse Moi.

Rainbow Connection is exactly what it's name is. Super duper colourful different sized hexagonal glitter (silver, green, yellow, blue, orange and pink) in a clear base. I know alot of you will tell me it's crazy colourful and you won't be able to carry it. Why not try one swipe on top of black nail polish? It's definitely more subtle that way.

Gone Gonzo is less colourful as Rainbow Connection but I would say it's Gonzo with super lots of bling accessories on him. I applied 3 coats to fully cover up my nail and the silver chunks help reflect light. Don't be jealous when your nails start getting more attention than your face.

Fresh Frog of Bel Air is inspired by none other than Kermit the Frog himself. The nail polish is the same as above, except green is the primary colour in this bottle. I would say this is the best choice for St. Patrick's day nail art. :)

Gettin's Miss Piggy With It has red as its primary colour and who else to represent but Miss Piggy herself right? Like Kermit and Piggy, the perfect couple, I would say this bottle would go nicely with Fresh Frog of Bel Air for a X'mas inspired nail art.

Divine Swine is all about purple. Yeah, Swine = Miss Piggy, don't you agree she's all about bright colours? She like the Lady Gaga of The Muppets! Another keeper in the collection ~

Excuse Moi looked like purple to me when I first saw it on the website, but apparently it's a pink pigmented nail polish with multi glitter in it. There's no need for a base colour as 2 swipes would give you beautiful glittering pink nails. This is not as sunlight-reflecting as the glitter nail polishes as above.

The above glitter nail polishes have smooth finish after applying even without a top coat. It's not scratchy or gritty like those other glitter nail polishes you find in the market. They are also very easy to remove. I applied 3 coats of each polish on each nail and after a week, I could easily "peel" them off and all I needed was one cotton pad worth of nail polish remover to remove all of the leftover nail polishes on my nail. Easy breezy ~

Warm & Fozzie may look like your ordinary brown nail polish and being the colourful girl, I don't normally have too much earth colours in my collection. But this one proved me wrong. On closer inspection, you will realize this is a complex shade with shiny foil particles in pink, gold, purple red, green. There's even a hologram feel to it. at times, it looks copper brown, sometimes it looks gold. My nails looked like they underwent some foil nail art.

Designer, de Better is a big surprise for me. I thought it was some champagne colour that I could use when on my lazy days, but when it arrived and upon closer look, there was orange copper foil sparkle particles in it. From far, it's already a eye-catching tone and definitely it will surprise your friends when they get a closer look on your nails.

Ok, since I was swatching the collection, I might as well have one colour on each nail right? And I must say, I caught super lots of attention with this "Rainbow Connection" of nail colours.

The blue nail polish on the thumbs are non O.P.I. I this beautiful shade of blue from Cotton On/Rubi for just S$2.50! Nice right?

Did you get this collection for yourself? Share what you think with me? Or maybe are you considering getting them?

Christina aka Huney


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