[Tried & Tested] Ginvera Green Tea Series

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Hi Huneybees,

I'm back at Singapore! The super much luggage-lugging exercise got me so drained out, I had to rest one whole day yesterday. In fact, I wana recommend a couple of things to you guys. I received this huge package before I fly off and I've been using them whilst away.

Check out my mail.
Opening the package.
The celebrity for this this series is our local start Michelle Chia. Not only she has beautiful smile, she has this flawless skin that glows when she's on screen. All thanks to Ginvera's skin care.

Let's talk about the Whitening Cream first. It's a hydrating oil control moisturizer for fair and clear skin. 

And the ingredients include:

Green Tea Essence
Rich in antioxidants to protect skin cells against harmful free radicals and reduces photo-aging from UV rays.

Thanaka Extracts
Intensive whitening and moisturizing effects for more radiant glow. Helps to promote smooth skin by preventing the formation of pimples.

Rich in various amino acids, proteins and trace mineral elements, which are essentially required for skin cell growth and whitening effects.

With the above 3 ingredients, Ginvera Green Tea Aqua Whitening Cream provides the benefits of skin whitening, UV protection, oil control, lightening of spots and acne scars, while preventing the formation of scars.

Its deep moisturizing and oil control effects help to effectively hydrate and clarify the skin for natural, radiant glow.

I used this product when I was in Vancouver. The weather there was about 6°C, and boy, my face felt like it was cracking apart when the wind blew. Luckily, the moisturizer protected me against dry skin and peeling. Not only that! The little black spots I got from basking in the sun in Bali, grew lighter and almost non-detectable.

As you guys can see from above, my dark spots, even my skin got lighter, less flaws and my skin was glowing in just 2.5 weeks! Simply just apply it after cleansing and applying toner on your face and use it daily.

Next up: Ginvera Green Tea Nude Cover BB Cream. It is suitable for all skin tones, creating natural and flawless coverage for all skin tone. It's a non greasy formula that provides natural matte finish, spreads with nano fine texture, resulting in even tone and natural look.

And what makes it different from other BB Creams out there is that it supplies essential nutrients to revitalize the skin, leaving the skin fairer and more radiant, and provides all day hydration for the skin.

With SPF 30/PA++, the cream protects the skin against the harmful UV Rays and definitely helps reduce the formation of lines. Say 'bye-bye' to Botox eh?

The colour is a little yellow toned and definitely suitable for our Asian skin.

Yes! That's me without any makeup on.
After applying the BB Cream.
Can you guys see the magical difference? My face immediately brightens up and the cream covers up my dark eye rings and the little red spots.

The BB Cream has a mild green tea smell and feels light on my skin, almost as though not there!

So, what I normally do after applying BB Cream is to pat a little face powder on, so that the makeup last longer and the cream won't leave a stain on my clothes when rubbed against each other.

This is the final look using the BB Cream as base.

My skin looks flawless right?
Wana try out the products for yourself?
Redeem your FREE NEW AQUA WHITENING CREAM (with Oil Control) & NUDE COVER BB CREAM SPF30/PA++ samples at https://www.facebook.com/ginvera.sg?sk=app_213564948660624 or http://www.facebook.com/ginvera.sg

Christina aka Huney


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