[What's New] M.A.C. A Tartan Tale (Chapter 1)

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Hi Huneybees,

After the much talked about M.A.C.'s Venomous Villians, here comes their year end collection that's launched every year. This year they have came up with a collection that revolves around the Tartan pattern.
So what's Tartan?

Here's a little explanation I pulled off  Wikipedia:
"Tartan is a pattern consisting of criss-crossed horizontal and vertical bands in multiple colours. Tartans originated in woven wool, but now they are made in many other materials. Tartan is particularly associated with Scotland. Scottish kilts almost always have tartan patterns. (Tartan is also known as plaid in North America, but in Scotland, a plaid is a tartan cloth slung over the shoulder or a blanket.)

Tartan is made with alternating bands of coloured (pre-dyed) threads woven as both warp and weft at right angles to each other. The weft is woven in a simple twill, two over - two under the warp, advancing one thread each pass. This forms visible diagonal lines where different colours cross, which give the appearance of new colours blended from the original ones. The resulting blocks of colour repeat vertically and horizontally in a distinctive pattern of squares and lines known as a sett." - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tartan

Basically, it's the Scottish inspired plait design and they have incorporated that in their packaging design. Check out the pics I took, thanks to the friendly M.A.C. staffs that allowed me to take little snaps.

Chapter 1: The bags, the sets & the brushes.

The face kits and lip,eye,brush bags.

The very tidy in-store deco.

The magical look they came up with this new collection.

A second look, which I LOVED! Thinking of getting my hair orange now!

The wonderful prints and colours of the collection.

All stand for Sir Teddy - kind benefactor of the M∙A∙C Kids.

I just had to grab a pic myself.

I got my self the Hark the Heraldry Face Kit.

My inspired nail art for the collection.

A closer look at the nails minus the thumb.

I tried hard to re-create the M.A.C. crest.
Kinda messed it up here. Tehehe....

You guys better rush down to the stores to stock up on the wonderful collection 2 more Chapters to launch. So hurry!



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