[What's New] A Helping Hand

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Hi guys,

It seems like the monsoon season is here again! And I am more than happy to have a super cooling weather; re-shuffling the wardrobe, bringing all the hidden long sleeves clothing and scarves to the front. I'm already getting inspiration for the so-called Winter looks.

Some looks from Topshop this season.

And I'm considering getting a faux vest for myself.....

Ok. So I got myself all ready for the cold weather, but I forgot the most important thing before I left house today. Guess what! The UMBRELLA! Then I thought: "It's alright, the rain will pass. Maybe I should just head to the library for a while." But the rain just wouldn't stop!

So I decided to brave the rain and run across the street to get to my shuttle bus. But there was simply too slippery to dash. Luckily, a kind lady offered me to share shelter under her umbrella and you know what, it was the lady from China and not the other locals who were standing around. Can you believe it?!

Where is the love?????? Ok, now I got to say I've got little lesser bad things to say about the foreigners. Think I even have to take some words back. All thanks to the nice lady. Hehehe.

So here's another note to everyone. Remember your umbrella when you leave home!

Christina aka Huney


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