[Tried & Tested] Get Full Rich Glossy Lips With ZA Rich-Glam Liquid Rouge

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Hi Huneybees,

ZA will be launching these 8 new shades of Rich-Glam Liquid Rouge, which gives ladies the perfect pout with the right amount of gloss...

We are always concerned about dry lips, wanting to plump up lips like Angelina Jolie's or having long lasting lip colours. So, we end up having lip balm, lipsticks and lip glosses everywhere we go. But with ZA Rich Glam Liquid Rouge, all you need is just 1!

The secret lies in the gloss layer. Once you apply, the lipstick and gloss layer goes on your lips and simply press your lips together, so that the gloss content will seep out to the surface and lock the lipstick layer inside. It's like your topcoat for lipsticks, locking in the colours!

The shades are all very pretty, very Japanese ViVi model-like. Categorized into 3 styles - Sweet, Natural and Elegant, you can definitely find the shade that suits your look for the day. At the event launch, I tried the RS481. It was an all pink party, so I chose the pinkest shade. I simply loved it!

I was also given 2 shades to bring home and here's me using the new ZA Rich Glam Liquid Rouge in PK341 (a peachy shade) for upper lip and RS481 (a pink shade) for lower lip. They are both lovely shades and the unique 'Ultra Fit Applicator' - a spoon-shaped curve that fits the lips, allows application easily in one swipe.

At the event, Hollyhoque and Gripz were there to give us advise on how to dress for the fashion style that goes with the lipsticks, alongside some activities like getting to know how to differentiate leathers...

The ZA Rich-Glam Liquid Rouge that comes in 8 new Asian flattering pink undertones is available in stores from 30 January 2014 at S$18.90 each. I shall leave you with some interesting facts about our lips...



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