Etude House - Dear My Blooming Lips

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Etude House has combined my favourite Kpop band, SHINee with 2NE1's Sandara Park to launch their latest collection of 24 new lipsticks - Dear My Blooming Lips.

The poster promotes Etude House’s new lipstick through their ‘Dear My Lips – Talk’ campaign. The dandified boys were snapped looking adoringly upon Sandara Park, who appears to be the culprit behind the lipstick marks on each SHINee member’s cheeks. Each colour is so sweet and each one reminds me of the Flavour Lip Balms that were launched with SHINee.

The lipsticks are easy to glide on lips, and the colours are very vivid. With the Relaxed Fitting Complex and Smooth Powder Systems, it makes smooth lips with crack and also the Moist Liquid Paste and Hydro-Moist Complex makes my lips moist and kissable.
I got one myself. Guess which shade I chose...

I got myself the OR 205, a peachy shade that goes well with green, purple, yellow, grey, and brown neutral eyeshadows. Every lipstick has a little carriage imprinted on the side and the casing wrapped with a little pink bow, makes me wana pull it out all the time and just act cute in front of the mirror. Hehehehe....

These are some of the looks using the lipstick. I love this fun colour, very different from my usual nude coloured lipstick and is a very fresh twist to adding attention to my lips. :)

Above: With Teal eyeshadow.
Below: With Purple Eyeshadow.

I give the liptick a 4 out of 5 star rating. It's really very moisturising, go get one today!
I shall leave you with the ad (inspired by Deathe Note)for these lipsticks starring Sandara Park and SHINee...
The lipstick I got was the one featured in Taemin's section.

Christina aka Huney


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